November 25, 2010

Once More, I Am Thankful For.....

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is here again so soon.
I am again deeply Thankful for so many things....

I'm thankful for
My new home
My kids
My life...

I'm thankful that
I'm no longer a
battered wife.

I'm thankful for
My job
My family
My friends...

I'm thankful that
God's love,
mercy and grace
knows no end.

I'm thankful for
every new day
I see,
and for
all that He
does every day
for me.

I'm thankful for
a sound mind,
ever increasing
peace and joy.

I'm thankful for
my precious little girl, 
and each and
every one of
my wonderful boys.

I'm thankful for
the plans that
God has for me.
Plans that give
me a hope,
a future,
an awesome destiny.

I'm thankful for
the potential
that each 
day brings.

Lord, I love you
and I'm
truly and deeply 
thankful for everything.
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 1, 2010

Someone You Know Needs Your Help

Although Domestic Violence Awareness Month has come to and end, always remember that domestic violence doesn't come to an end for the victims who are subjected to it. It isn't domestic violence day or month, it is domestic violence LIFE.

Domestic violence is so prevalent that I'm pretty confident that anyone reading this blog knows someone who is either a former or present victim of it. Some of us even know people who lost their lives because of it. Sometimes they'll tell us, sometimes they won't, it will just be something we pick up on. Sometimes we hear about it through others.

Whatever way it is that you become aware of someone suffering with this agonizing treatment, maybe you can offer them the help that sometimes they don't know is out there. Because domestic abuse is so isolating, sometimes victims think there is no way out, there is no one to help, that no one cares. Let them know that you care, you're there to help, and you can help them find a way out.

Of course you must exercise care and caution for them and for yourself. Some abusive people are extremely dangerous, violent and are capable of murder. Some of them will not only kill their victim, but anyone else who tries to help them. So if you want to help someone get safe, contact a domestic violence group in your area that can help you and the victim formulate a safe exit plan.

I pray that God will give you the wisdom, strength and courage to do what's right when the time is right. 

Just remember that, someone you know needs your help.