November 2, 2009

The Decision's in the Mail

It's finally over. After six months, the fifth and final appearance for child and spousal support took place on October 28, 2009. I was on the phone down here and deadbeat was in court in Queens. As usual most of the time was spent with the judge yelling at him for again not having what she asked him to have.

Again he claims to not have made any money since January of this year, yet he showed business expenses of $25,000 in March. Of course she wanted to know how he could possibly pay out those kinds of expenses with no income. He hemmed and hawed and tried to tell her it was the economy and yada yada yada.

She asked him how I was supposed to take care of 4 children on $500 a month. He offered his pathetic, "I love my children," line again - as if love can substitute for money when it comes to their needs. She told him that the children were suffering. She told him that his share for the kids alone should be $1,500 a month.

She kept asking and he kept trying to explain, sounding absolutely foolish. At one point she said that she should have his business records subpoenaed. I wasn't happy to hear that because I just wanted this to end already. He was sounding like he was on the verge of crying and repeatedly told her that he had nothing else to show her.

She asked me if I knew how much he made and I told her that I did not. Part of his abuse toward me was financial and therefore he kept anything having to deal with money a secret from me. I told her that he told me he made $5,000 per trip to Moscow, but that I didn't believe that, I believed it was more. I had sent her a thick package the week before the appearance that contained as much relevant information as I could come up with.

She wanted to know how he got paid, how was he living if he had no income. He told her that he is guaranteed a salary of $25,000 a year through his business and that he gets $2,000 a month. Well after this went on for about 25 minutes, with her asking him for this and that and him telling her he had nothing else to show her, she said that if he had nothing else, then there was no need to come back and we were done, he could leave. She would make her decision and send it to us in the mail.

In the letter that I sent him back in July in which I tried to settle things, I asked him for $2,000 a month in support, which I felt was a bargain for a family of five. So we'll see what the judge's decision will be shortly. I know she wasn't happy with him and wasn't buying his nonsense.

On another note, at one point when she said that I had four children to take care of, he said, "WE have four children." So I guess that's his lame way of now acknowledging Emmanuel in the same court where he denied him weeks ago. What a sad, sorry, little man.