February 25, 2010

How Do You Get Rid of the Boogey Man?

My order of protection expires in 2 weeks.

I can't get an extension even though he violated it and I can't get another one unless he hurts me again....
so I'll be a sitting duck.
Is it duck season?

Someone told me to get a gun for my protection. Get a license and get a gun. Hmmm....that's a thought.
Why should innocent people be pushed to such extraordinary measures?

Why is it that people who harm and terrify their families aren't kept away from them forever?

Why are orders of protection temporary, even when the order is final?
Do they think there comes a time when we won't mind being hunted by this person in the future?

He hasn't seen the children since the day he started trouble during the visit and now he wants to see my children.

What for?
Because it allows him to travel to where I am and be close enough to breathe the air I breathe?
Because it gives him a chance to potentially stop me from breathing altogether?

He clearly doesn't care about them or their well being.
He refuses to support the children he keeps claiming to love.

How do I protect my children from a person that has frightened them and caused long term damage to their spirits, hearts & minds?

How do I protect them from his continued emotional and psychological abuse as he lies to them and tells them that what they witnessed him to do me never happened?

Why doesn't anyone care about my children's future but me?

Why do dangerous people have access to their children in the first place?
Why aren't we allowed to protect our children from the real monsters in the room?

My cousin was murdered by her boyfriend about 18 years ago. They had children together. He killed her in front of his babies.
Should the children have been forced to visit him if he filed for his parental rights?

If he wasn't incarcerated for his crime, should he have been granted custody?

Spilling DNA into someone doesn't make you a loving parent and shouldn't grant you automatic rights.
Your behavior should dictate what kind of rights you have.

I'm trying to get the boogeyman out of our lives.

His lawyer kept calling me.
He had the people at his battering school call me.
He claimed I was keeping the children from him. LIE.
He claimed he was supporting them, even as we continue to struggle for a place to live. LIE.
He is an unrepentant, unremorseful, pathological, lying sociopath.

Why should violent men or women for that matter have any access to their former victims once they've managed to escape their clutches?

Why force the most vulnerable of all to be subjected to time with scary people?

We don't expect or force rape victims to spend time with their rapists.
We don't expect or force victims of attempted murder to spend time with their would be killers.

So why do we force children to spend time with people who are just as lethal and just as frightening to them?

Don't I have any rights to protect them?
Don't they have any rights not to be repeatedly traumatized?

The only difference between my husband and my cousin's boyfriend is, time.
My husband just hadn't killed me yet.
But it is very possible that in time, he would have.

Would that have protected my children from further interaction with him?

Or would he have been successful in covering up my murder and convincing people that I caused my own death?
You know he still tells people to this day that he NEVER abused me. That I was the abuser in the family and abused him.
He is the true and rightful victim. I did it all.
So he is not sorry at all.
The true character of an abuser: DENY, MINIMIZE, BLAME.

They either deny what they did altogether, or they minimize what they did, or they blame their victim for what they did.
"I didn't hit you."
"You act like I punched you. I just mushed you."
"Well if you hadn't talked to me like that, then I wouldn't have put my hands on you."

Anyway, the fight continues.
I have the will and I will find a way to get rid of the scary man.

Got a surprise move for you......you're in check Chessmaster.