June 29, 2010


This is truly a new season. I am entering the middle stages of my life as a single mother with four young children. I have rejoined the work force, waking at 5am to get the kids to where they need to be and make it to work by 7am. We have a new home that is spacious, giving us the room we need to no longer be on top of each other. With that comes the maintenance.

I remember my pastor saying, "It is easier to obtain, than to maintain."
It is true of everything. It's true for relationships, weight, a car, a home. It was easier to become pregnant and give birth, than it is to take care of children and their daily needs. It was easier to get the job I have, than to make it to work on time everyday when I've only had four hours of sleep.

It was not easy waiting on our place. We moved many times from one temporary stop to another, on our personal underground railroad to freedom. But from application to move in day, was only four months. So it was actually easier to get this place than it is to up keep it.

Am I complaining? NO! Absolutely not! I'm just making an observation. I haven't had the time or energy to post anything on here since I finally got my internet connection working a couple weeks ago. I sit down with the intention to write, but then begin to fall asleep. I go to bed, telling myself that I will write something the next day. I am still trying to get the rooms, boxes and bags sorted out. I am always trying to catch up to the sleep I've missed. Most days I must admit, the house is a bit too messy for me.

But I am happy!

I'm enjoying the peace. I'm enjoying the independence. I'm enjoying the rebuilding process.

So anyway, I had a day off today and decided to take a break from the housework and sorting for a minute, to write. I don't have a whole lot to share at the moment, I've been so tired and distracted by work, the apartment, and Verizon having taken so long to get my connection working, that my mind kinda went out of writing mode for a minute.

I'll be back with more in the next few days. I need to talk about the possibility of dating again one day. Will I be able to do it? Will anybody be right? Can I trust anyone? Will I see red flags all the time? Are there any truly good men out there? I got questions....maybe some of you have some answers.

Anyway, in the meantime, here's some video clips from move in day that I wanted to share with you. The day Justina cried tears of relief and joy!

So What Do You Guys Think of This Place?

God Answered Our Prayers

We Love Jesus!!!