March 17, 2010

Get Off My Planet Please!

The children's law guardian contacted me the other day. He said he'd been reassigned to the case because of the petition I filed. I filed a petition down here to end the visits between my children and their father. Since he clearly hasn't been rehabilitated in spite of his court ordered batterers class and had no problem whatsoever scaring them again, I thought maybe the court can make him go away.

I know that the chance of getting him out of their lives is very remote, since you have to basically be a serial killing, child rapist, cannibal to be kept away from your kids. Being an abusive, violent, sociopath isn't bad enough to lose your parental rights. But what the heck, maybe we'll get lucky.

Anyway, when I talked to the law guardian, he informed me that my husband was in court filing a violation petition against me. Come again?

I asked him what kind of violation is he talking about? I'm keeping the children from him. Oh, we go again. That's how all of this started. The children and I were placed in a domestic violence shelter to escape him and the next day he was in court filing for custody, claiming I was keeping the children from him.

Cheese and rice, give me a bleeping break!

This saga has shown me first hand how messed up our court system is. Petitions are handed out too easily. Before someone gets to drag someone else into court, they should have to show some kind of proof to support their allegations. In NY you don't have to pay to file petitions, they are filed for free. I thought that was cool because down in PA you have to pay to file petitions. But I do see the wisdom behind that. If you are going to take up the courts time, then be willing to put up some money to do it. Maybe a few less false petitions are filed.

In my case, I wish he did have to pay to file, but I know money is no object to him. Harrassing me is worth any amount of money he has. Why would he care about a measley filing fee when he is willing to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer to pursue these petitions, only to lose in the end, but nonetheless, start over again? Better still, he should have to file his petitions down here, where we live. The kids and I have been residents of PA for a year now, he should have to file in the jurisdiction where the children reside. I bet the trip down here would keep him from filing false petitions.

My husband hasn't seen our children since November 29, 2009 (the day he violated my protection order),  but I haven't kept them from him. Since I was first awarded sole legal and physical custody of the children and he was granted visitation, I have NEVER initiated a visit between him and the children. When he wanted to come see them, he'd call, text or email me and we'd set up a time and place. If I didn't hear from him, he wasn't coming.

Since his arrest on December 5, 2009, he hadn't contacted me to see the children. Since his hearing on December 17, 2009 in which he was found guilty of contempt, he hasn't contacted me per the court order to have no contact with me. I certainly wasn't going to contact him. The judge in that hearing said that the visits should continue with Catholic Charities supervising. So, I waited to hear from someone letting me know a visit has been set up with them. I heard nothing. His lawyer called me twice in February I believe, asking me to call him. I could see no reason why I should talk to his lawyer without having a lawyer of my own. It could be some kind of set up.

The third message he left for me in early March, he threatened me with going back to court. Now I was pissed, so the bait worked. I called him and asked him why was he threatening me? He said that Jeff wants to see the children. I told him that I have nothing to do with that, its supposed to go through Catholic Charities. He said that he called them and they said that I need to call so they can get information from me for the initial interview process. I told him, that no one told me that, so how was I to know? He said he didn't know either until speaking with them.

Fine. I told him to call me back and leave the info on my voicemail. Jeff and his lawyers make me so sick.

I called them, spoke to the man whose name I was given. He took all the relevant information he needed from me and told me that we would be put on the waiting list. There were other families ahead of us and it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. I smiled.

Fine with me. I have no control over this. He violated my order. He got the courts involved again. The judge changed the order from me supervising to Catholic Charities. They have a waiting list. I have nothing to do with the reason he hasn't seen his kids. It's all his dumb a$$ fault.

Ha ha.

He really sucks. The only person violating any court orders has been HIM. He violated my order of protection and he continues to violate the child support order by not paying, and he has the nerve to file a FALSE violation petition against me. There should be consequences for that.

The law guardian also told me that he stood up there in court and said that the case down here against him had been dismissed, that nothing happened to him! 

Shiver me timbers!

How can you lie about something that can be so easily proven to be a lie? This nut has no fear of the penal system whatsoever! I guess with good reason, they don't do anything to lying batterers that waste the court's time. Well, I will be more than happy to show the court that he was found GUILTY of contempt and now thank God has a criminal record that will follow him all the days of his life.

I always wished I had big brothers and wished it more this past year than ever. He has everything he's ever wanted now...his rich Japanese girlfriend and daughter, more money than he ever had while I was with him, and the freedom to live his trifling life out in the open. Why can't he leave his black wife and black kids alone? Don't we have it bad enough being husband and fatherless in America? We were never what he really wanted. He liked the picture of what we represented and the respect that it gave him amongst his black friends and drum circle buddies. He liked the endless compliments we got from strangers of, "You have a beautiful family."

He looked the part. Black man with beautiful black family playing his African djembe listening to Farrakhan DVDs and talking righteously. It made him look bona fide. He said his, "Peace. Blessings. One." He smoked his weed in defiance of "the man," or devils as he called them. Always talking about "devils this and devils that." Funny now how he's loving to pay those same devils to represent him in court in his crusade against his wife and children. I haven't seen this negro with one black lawyer.

He's such a fraud.

Anyway, I felt like venting today. He really makes me sick.

I wish he'd leave me alone.

Go away forever.

And just get off my planet, please!!!

"Just leave me alone, leave me alone. Leave me alone, leave me alone. Stop it! Just stop dogging me around!"